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What is Metaphysical Ethics?

In the understanding of ‘Metaphysical Ethics’ there is a rational philosophical subject or system to the matter, independent of intuition, that asks whether metaphysical elements are required. ‘Metaphysical Ethics’ is the one who is acquainted with the ethics and joining with the necessary knowledge in determining the balance of justice. In this perspective, the principle or the ethical duty to do what is consciously right or a ‘righteousness duty’ to take action.

The meaning of life is one of the most complex thinking one can have with oneself. What is my purpose in life?  Will I do what I am suppose to do? Whatever that is!  What if I get it wrong? And what happens if I don't care to know what my life matters in this universe? Fairly good questions.  One thing I can tell you at this moment is... that you are still reading and are very much aware what you purpose is in life.  However, maybe it has not been revealed to you just yet.  On the other hand, I believe you are aware subconsciously.  So maybe this was meant for you!

All I can say, "Keep reading and see if it sparks an intuitive reaction to your questions".  If not just know you are an important being in this realm.  You matter to everyone. Your actions, words, beliefs, and existence matters to all the beings in this realm.  We care and love you!

Lesson One

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