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Astrobiology 101- Introduction to astrobiology

This course is the introduction to the science of astrobiology and planetary sciences. Although extraterrestrial life dates back to the ancient Greeks as seen by documentation in picturegraphs, old tablets, manuscripts, and biblical texts, our understanding today is limited. However, other signs of life on earth is beyond our understanding, as seen from ancient mystery sculptures, structures, and unknown cities with advance knowledge. This course will only address information as facts gathered by scientists, anthropologists, and other individuals that are known as experts in their field of knowledge. Any speculations about life on other planets is taken from actual facts as we know today.  As we explore our Solar System, our moons and exo-planets we can only believe to want to see other life.  This is the reason for the multitude of space missions to other planets like the Moon, Mars, Europa, Enceladus and Titan. In these space missions we can learn how life begins to form.  With the continued development of high tech these worlds are becoming more visible and our knowledge increases with every step toward finding life beyond our world on plant Earth. Finally, as we begin learn about the our universe the combine knowledge establishes a foundation to offer this introductory course.  

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