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EDD (05/15/2004) Psychology and Leadership: Higher Ed. Admin, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 

MED (08/20/1993) Student Affairs Administration, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

BS (05/16/1992) Cell & Molecular Biology, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

AS (05/16/1978) Law Enforcement, El Paso Community Science, El Paso, TX

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Teach The Teachers, TTU, Lubbock, TX. 09/2002-08/2003.  Part-time

       Seminars: Basic technology classes, MS Word, Internet, E-mail, & End Note. 

       Duties: Co-Founder (Dora Salazar), Coordinate technology seminars for bi-lingual teachers in the LISD. These      
       classes were needed so these teachers would be able to pass the required Lubbock School District Computer Exam.
       Grant: CLEAR Grant, Technology Grant to provide Professional Development for Lubbock ISD Bilingual Teachers,
       Co-Funding: $30,000/year. (Position time based on demand)

Orientation Instructor, Teaching and Learning Center, SPC, Lubbock, TX. Spring 1994.  Part-time

      Course: Orientation 0101, Life-Long Learning Strategies. Duties: Responsible for curriculum management, lesson
      plan development, and other classroom responsibilities. Recommended for entering freshmen and transfers who
      made unsatisfactory progress at last college attended. This course is designed to assist the entering student to make
      adequate personal and social adjustments to college life; to recognize and develop aptitudes, interests and skills
      necessary for college success; to select attainable goals for life; and to become acquainted with college policies,
      regulations, and curricula. (Position time based semester)

Instructor, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. Fall 1993-Spring 1994. Part-time

      Course: Strategies for Learning XL0201 (Programs for Academic Development and Retention). Explores strategies for
      academic success and personal management and techniques for implementation of those strategies. Duties:
      University classroom instructor for Programs for Academic Development and 
Retention.  Responsible for curriculum
      management, lesson plan: development, homework assignments, exams, and grade disbursement and other 

      classroom responsibilities. (Position time based semester)

Teaching Assistant, Biology Department, TTU, Lubbock, TX. Fall 1991-Spring 1992.  Part-time

      Course: Animal Histology ZOOL 3401. The study of the four basic tissue types and the organs and organ systems 

      that they form. This course serves an introductory course recommended for students of pathology, medical 

      sciences, and biomedical sciences. Duties: University classroom lab instructor, responsible for curriculum 

      management, lesson plan development, lab classroom setup, dispersal of lab microscopes and supplies, exams and 

      grade assignment, and other classroom accountabilities. 

First Grade Classroom Teacher, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, El Paso, TX.  09/ 1985-12/1985. Full-time

      Duties: First grade class at-risk children, ages 5-7 years, classroom size 20. Taught children that needed extra help in 

      their studies, Special Ed students, ADHD, and bi-lingual. Academic curriculum based on EPISD, kept records and 

      files. Conducted Parent-Teacher conferences.

Pre-School Teacher, Poway Country Preschool, Poway, CA. Date: January 1983 to August 1983. Full-time

      Duties: Kindergarten, Pre-Kinder, Afterschool program, 5-12 yrs., classroom size 12-24. Regulate, plan, integrate     

      classroom activities, indoor and outdoor play, program planning to current and school curriculum activities and 

      events. Parent-Teacher Conferences, Taught Bi-lingual classes, and monitor and care for two years, toddlers, and 

      infants rooms (3 months to 1 year).

Pre-school Teacher, KinderCare, Mira Mesa, CA. Date: September 1981 to May 1982.  Full-time

      Duties: Two year olds, size of 15 to 17 children. Regulate and plan classroom activities, indoor/outdoor play, 

      program planning to current and school curriculum activities and events. Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Self-Defense Instructor, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, 09/1979 to 05/1980.  Part-time

      Courses: Karate 1101, Self-Defense PE 1101 and Tai Chi Chuan PE 1101. 

      Duties: University classroom consisting of 20 to 50 students. Responsible for curriculum and lesson plan 

     development, classroom management, exams and grade disbursement and other classroom responsibilities.  I also 

     taught at the El Paso Job Corps, El Paso Parks and Recreation, Boys & Girls Club, and Private COMA Schools.

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